Because not all of my days are bad…  🙂   Friday, (yesterday), I had a good day at work – I completed all my tasks and was able to help other people with theirs.  Then I came home and shared a meal with my family and we worked on tidying up the house.  At the end of the day we smiled and laughed and giggled just before bedtime.  These are the moments that make family precious.  These are the kinds of times I want to have with my family.  Love, laughter, good food and a funny movie where we can all laugh so hard at that some of us end up rolling around on the floor with the side splits from giggling so hard! Especially now, at Christmastime, good times with family is what really what it’s all about – and should be how we live life all year round.   Laughter, Acceptance, Good Times, Kindness and Sharing…all the things that are found wrapped up in Love.