The older I get the less Being Pretty and Being Comfortable will have anything to do with each other.  It’s like they used to be best of friends and now are becoming mortal enemies over some useless, forgotten argument.

As a teenager Being Comfortable was Being Pretty.  I put on my favorite jeans, cutest shirt and my way cool high-top tennis shoes… and then I did my hair and makeup, put on my floppy cotton hat and the biggest hoop earrings I could find and went off to hang out with my friends.  Frequently I even wore heels instead of my high tops if I wanted to kick the “classy” factor up a notch.  I was cute, casual, cool and comfortable – I totally loved the 80’s!

I’m almost 40 now and my jeans have long ago lost their zippers, buttons and back pockets – and sometimes they have even lost their front pockets too and everything has acquired elastic waistbands.  I’m not even sure the word “jeans” properly applies to what I wear anymore but the fabric is a light-weight denim with a “jean slacks” look that my employer tolerates only on Casual Fridays.

My shirts are now all of a Business High Casual/Low Professional style so thank God for Walmart and thrift stores!  Very few of them qualify as “cute” and the ones that do I probably wear far too often… after all a girl has to be cute as often as she can, eh?

My shoes have gone through several stages, from trendy high-tops to classy high heels to slick-bottomed “smart” shoes.  Once upon a time I told one of my church friends that I liked wearing a particular pair of shoes with pointed toes because they made me feel smarter when I wore them… which then inspired her to demonstrate to me the ROFLMHO technique.  You too, really?  I mean come on, it wasn’t that funny, seriously, enough already!

Fine, keep laughing but for the last 10 years or so my footwear preference is open-toed sandals, which yes, I can wear to work all year round.  I am grateful for a job that allows me to wear sandals in the office, it makes my life sooooooo much easier because when my feet are fully enclosed in shoes they get hot and when they get hot they start to smell (bad) and then I reach a point where I could swear that my feet have burst into flames because they feel so hot and if I don’t take my feet out of my shoes and try to cool them down Right Now I will get nauseous, forcing me to impress people with a dash to the nearest restroom of such speed that it be worthy of an Olympian.  However, if I do take my feet out of my shoes it inspires my co-workers to hold their noses and grab their waste buckets so it’s a lose-lose proposition… trust me, nobody wants to see me wearing anything but sandals!

Top it off with makeup, jewelry and hair products and you have a fairly good description of my “Pretty” clothing.  What I wear to be “Comfortable”, however, is no makeup, no jewelry, my famous “bed-head”, paint-stained sweats, a t-shirt and a knee-length sweater jacket… or I just stay in my jammies.  The very best days are the ones where I can stay in my jammies, stay in bed, watch movies and type all day long – that will be another post though.  Suffice it to say that my Comfortable clothes are Not Pretty, and I like it that way!  I’ve finally become more and more comfortable being in my own skin, regardless of how I appear in my native habitat.  It’s about time, dangit, it shouldn’t have taken so long…