Wow. I’ve never been at this place before and I’m both shocked and horrified. I’ve always been amazing at what I do. I get fantastic letters of reference and wonderful referrals. I’ve been here at this government job for a year and a half and this morning I put most of my personal belongings in a box and am waiting to get fired because I’ve made too many mistakes in the last few weeks. I know it takes a lot to fire a government worker but nonetheless, this job has whopped my butt and peace comes with the thought of leaving. I’m not ready to be without pay and benefits but I have to say that I have been more stressed out since I got this job than with any job or life situation ever before. It’s so detailed that you’re not out of “training” for six months and even then it’s not possible to know everything. I’m good at this kind of work but apparently not good enough. I probably won’t get fired today but I will start looking for another job today and try to leave before they can kick me out. Crazy, I’ve never met a job that got the better of me. Crap.