I feel like I’m in Limbo, waiting for my life to fall off the fence and I have no idea which side everything will land on.

He’s being really good.  I mean Really Good.  He even made dinner last night.  Granted it was fried sausages (the ones shaped like horseshoes) with a tray of cheese, Ritz crackers and summer sausage… but it was dinner and he did it all by himself.

It’s almost like suddenly I’m Barbie and he’s Ken and we’re living in a dream world where everything is how I imagined it should be… but it’s only day 6 since I confronted him about his addiction and said I wasn’t going to put up with it any longer.  He’s had over a decade of second chances.  And he has changed before, not quite as drastically as this but a couple of years ago he did put real effort into becoming A Nice Guy.  It only lasted 3 weeks so I don’t have any high hopes that this is a permanent change but I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.

So far I’m very impressed with his dedication and “obedience”, shall we say, to my restrictions on how/where he can touch me.  I’m trying to praise him in small doses for his progress but I feel like if I show how impressed I really am he’ll think that these last 6 days were enough and life can go back to “normal”… so I’m being very careful about what I say to him.  Is that mean?

I went to my counselor two days ago, surprise, surprise, one of the first things she mentions is about setting boundaries regarding how other people should be treating me.  I just blogged about that recently in “Your Boundaries Define You”.

He has set an appointment with a counselor and, amazingly enough, when he was signing up he did say he needed counseling for a sex addiction.  I thought for sure he would take the easy way out and just say he needed marriage counseling so that’s impressive.