It’s a pajama day, that means I am refusing to get dressed today and as it is currently 10 pm I have totally succeeded, yahoo!

Sad news – I don’t have to drive all day tomorrow to pick my friend up and bring her home.  I was really looking forward to the long drive and the girl time with my friend on the way home… 😦

Good news – Independence day has made this almost a four-day weekend!  I did have to work on Friday but I’ve almost forgotten all about it so it really does feel like my third day off with one more to go, yay!

Ummm… I have lots of stuff that I want to write about, really I do.  It’s just that when I know what I want to write about I am not able to write it down and when I have the time my mind goes blank.  Curious, that.

So in the absence of my presence of mind I will say this.  The last few days have been pretty good.  On the 4th I slept until 3 pm, which was, like totally awesome dude!  (Yes, I realize that saying dates me…)  We had dinner with friends on Friday night and had a really great time visiting, one of my friends told me that I was funny which made me very happy because I like being funny!  Today, which doesn’t feel like a Saturday at all, has been a fine pajama day.  The only thing I am missing today is my soda because I haven’t had any caffeine at all and have therefore just taken ibuprofen in anticipation of a caffeine headache coming on soon.  <sigh>

My  birthday is coming up next month on a Tuesday and I’ve asked for Monday and Tuesday off to have a four-day weekend.  My best friend from high school is in the process of purchasing a “lake cabin” and I really, really want to invite myself up there for my birthday weekend and hang out with her, maybe even bring my best friend from down here along with me because the two of them have already met and like each other.  That would be a fabulous birthday!  But my husband is slightly jealous that I want to spend my birthday away from my family, not with them (him).  Is it wrong for me to want to spend my birthday with my girlfriends and not with my husband and children?  They have me all year around, why can ‘t I spend my birthday the way I want to?  I suppose I could take the time off on another weekend and go up to the lake cabin with my friends then instead of on my birthday…  I still have over a month to figure out what I’m going to do so I’ll put that one on hold for now.

We are watching Transformers 2 right now, a nice family activity, and I’m going to go take my pills now so that I’m tired by the time it ends.    Have a great evening!