Today was the first day of my bi-weekly four-day-weekend and I didn’t feel good so I stayed home from school and slept in a little bit.  It was nice and relaxing although I definitely fighting a sinus infection that wants to move into my head – boo!

My husband had the day off of work (a very rare occurrence) so he and I went out for lunch and had something called Vampire Fries.  When we asked the waitress what they were she replied “garlic fries” and we both said “yes please”… but they were terrible!  Basically it was big spoonfuls of that diced garlic that comes from a jar with a little bit of something green (parsley? cilantro?) and chopped fine mixed in that was just globbed onto the top of normal french fries.  Not at all what we were thinking, definitely not visually appealing, and the flavor was such that neither one of us could finish them.  But the burgers were yummy and it was nice to have a little “date”.

Tonight I am spending the night at one of my two best friend’s houses because I am helping her family move.  I probably should have stayed home to avoid aggravating this sinus infection but she needs me and that’s what friends are for, right?  I arrived about 6 pm with ice cream bars and cookies to give us all a much needed sugar rush and then I helped pack some boxes, moved boxes around, folded laundry and brought boxes to the guy loading the horse trailer…  yes, I did say horse trailer, a co-worker lent it to my friend to use in her move – who knew they could hold so much?  U-Haul aint got nothing on us, lol!

Anyway, I didn’t really do all that much even though I felt like I had and by 10 pm I was feeling absolutely exhausted so I went to bed about 10:30… and then I couldn’t sleep.  Now it’s almost 1 am and here I am, typing another blog post for y’all to read.  I almost said for y’all to “enjoy” but I’m not really sure my blog is all that enjoyable.  Realistic, yes.  Enjoyable, probably not.  Sorry.

Tomorrow (or I guess it’s actually today) my husband and teenagers will be here at 8:30 am so I really should get some sleep but my internal clock is saying I still have another hour before bedtime, lol!  Once they arrive we will load up whatever vehicles show up with as much as we can and head to the new house, a good half hour away from her current house and an extra hour away from my house <so sad 😦 > with the goal of getting the majority of the house moved.  The rest of the move will have to be done in little trips so we’re trying to get all the big stuff taken care of this weekend.

My children are good friends with both of my best friends too and tonight I found out that my younger daughter, the one who JUST turned 17, confided in this friend that her current boyfriend has got her started on smoking vapor.  OK, so I’m Not Happy, that’s a given but what do I do about it?  I suppose that’s the real reason I couldn’t sleep…  I looked the boyfriend up on Facebook.  I think I had done that before at the beginning of their relationship but didn’t look very far into his posts.  Lo and behold, tonight I found a short video of the lad sucking on a bong and then blowing a massive amount of smoke out of his mouth.  I knew I didn’t like him!  I’d been uncomfortable with him from the start but was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, guess I should have listened to my gut after all…  On Monday while she is at school I think I will search this daughter’s bedroom on the pretense of looking for a movie, because she likes to hoard movies in her room, and hopefully I will find something then that I can initiate a candid conversation with but at the very least I can approach my her from the angle of having seen his video on FB rather than let her know that my friend told me what was going on.  Ugh!  Teenagers!  Bad Words, Bad Words!  Grrr…

Yep, that was my day today.   Hopefully that’s reassuring to you because I tend to only post the Freak Out moments of my life.  I’m a pretty normal, ordinary gal with the same issues as most people to one degree or another.   The only “bad” things about today was knowing I’m getting sick and finding out what my daughter is up to…but when it comes right down to it I’d rather know about that kind of stuff right now, when there’s a possibility her father and I can nip this habit in the bud (and hopefully this relationship too), than in another six months.  So God is good all the time and all the time, God is good.

As always, I’ll keep you posted…