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when the places I’ve never been
become where all I want to see
when there’s no “remember when”
because I was afraid to be

I know I am lost

when the words I can’t say
become all that I can think
when seconds of each day
become holes in which I sink

I am all alone

when I cry out to be found
and I don’t hear You reply
when my heart is torn all down
by the tears caught in my eyes

I am afraid

when I finally hear Your voice
because I have stopped to listen
when You give me a choice
because I’ve read what is written

I am hopeful

when I set aside what I expect
and ask what You are doing
I make my life more circumspect
by seeing what You’re viewing

I am awakening

when I join You right where You’re at
and fix my eyes above
and worry not of this or that
my heart fills with Your love

I am found

BluEydButterfly 2-1-14