Okie dokie, so counseling really is paying off this time…

My newest crisis is that although I have finally finished my 600 hours of schooling I need to come up with $1900 to pay my school tuition before they will let me take the state boards to become a Nail Technician.  Since I desperately want to stop working at the call center I am frantically trying to raise the money by selling my artwork, my keyboard and anything I can find around the house to sell….  If I can get the money by May 20th I can take the state boards in June and be working in a salon the very next week – because I have a job in a salon saved for me, all I have to do is get licensed!

My counselor has noticed that I am happier when I am working to accomplish something that I really want to do, lol.

I think it’s hope.

I have HOPE!

Those guys at Red Bull have it wrong, it’s not Red Bull that gives you wings, it’s hope!

So my current plan, raise $1900.  The plan after that, to work in a salon for a year, maybe two and then start my own salon and stop working for other people.  It’s a good plan, I like it!

I Can Do It.