… my husband.

I still had a good time but That Guy wasn’t there. 

My husband, as I predicted, was shocked and pleased that I initiated a get together but it was still somewhat awkward and uncomfortable.  He bought his own ticket and did not try to buy mine, which I appreciated.  Besides, I had a free ticket, part of the reason I invited him to a movie at a “big” theater instead of one of the cheap theaters.  Does that make me evil?  *rolling my eyes*

He arrived first, as I figured he would, I got there about 10 minutes before the movie started.  He had already bought his ticket and waited while I stood in line to get my ticket.  Who did I see in line?  A gal that, like me, had left the church he still attends.  *WAVE!*  I get to the front of the line and who do I see behind the glass in the box office?  A nice-looking guy who recognizes me, waves and says “Hi” with a big smile.  Call it my super power but I can literally FEEL my husband trying not to freak out behind me, heh, heh, heh…

If I truly was evil I suppose I would have let him wonder until it drove him crazy and he was forced to ask me who that was – so let’s just say that I proved myself on the side of all that is kind and good when I explained that the guy who waved at me comes in for pedicures all the time – with his mother (they are such a hoot!) – and I always tease him about never seeing him whenever I go to that particular movie theater. 

My husband was not the Easter Island Head that he had been on previous “dates” but he was not terribly relaxed either. 

I was acutely aware of every romantic scene in the movie, we were watching Insurgent, and there was far more kissing, physical closeness, and even the start of a bedroom scene between the two main characters, than I had anticipated.  I have to tell you that sitting next to a man with whom you’ve been intimate with but aren’t anymore – and who wishes you still were – makes watching scenes like that on a GIANT screen very, very Awk-Ward!

No more watching movies with him that I haven’t seen first.

Thankfully those parts were generally over with fairly quickly and the movie eventually came to an end.  On our way back through the lobby I asked to have my cup filled up with ice – I think that is the thing I miss the very most about not living in my own home is a fridgerator that makes and crushes ice (yes, I’m sad and pathetic, I know this) – and then he walked me to my car.

This was probably the most difficult part of the night.  He wanted to know if I had any other plans for after the movie, if I wanted to “talk”, were we still on for meeting Monday night next week, could he hug me…

Could he hug me.  I wanted to say no but I said yes.  Why on earth did I say yes?  Because he looked so sad and lonely…  This is the sort of thing makes me think I’m never going to be able to completely stand up to him.  Good golly, miss Molly!  What am I going to do with myself?  He hugged me and said I smelled nice.  I managed to keep our goodby-ing shorter than normal and drove back to my sister’s apartment as fast as I could.

I forgot to buy toilet paper.  I meant to pick some up on my way home but I was so focused on getting away from the theater that I completely spaced it.

We’re going to meet on Monday/tomorrow at a resturant that I’ve been wanting to try, they have frozen custard! – and this will be a “talking” date so we’ll see how it goes.  Before that, however, I have a meeting with the owner of a local glass-blowing gallery who I’m going to talk to about making custom dishes for my acrylic powder and monomer, then I have a meeting with my counselor, then I’m going to a salon in a nice part of town and see if I want to work there so tomorrow will be a full day!