So I figured out what I was waiting for, why I keep meeting with my husband and never completely ending my marriage.

I want a Fairy Tale Divorce.  You know, where we meet and decide together that divorce is the right thing for both of us and we walk away with a deep friendship intact, based on the last 20 years of knowing each other.  And that we would remain amicable and agreeable to each other for the rest of our lives, capable of attending family events together and meeting for lunch occasionally to catch up and talk about the children.  Eventually we would be able to attend each other’s second weddings and be sincerely happy for the other and their new spouse and we could all go on double-dates together.

I can hear you laughing…

I know it’s the stuff that good comedy movies are made of and it’s never going to happen to me (just like everything else that happens in movies will never happen to me) but I must still believe in fairy tales because I’ve kept waiting for him to realize that divorce is what’s best for us and be happy about it.

OK, fine, so my life wasn’t written by Disney.

I have to tell him it’s over, take the ring off and contact the court advocate at the women’s shelter to begin filing for divorce.

Clearly, verbalizing to him that it’s over has not worked thus far.  That Guy keeps showing up and changing my mind.  Therefore it needs to be done in writing.  BEFORE our next scheduled “date night”, which is on Wednesday next week.  In fact, the sooner the better.  I need to stop beating around the bush, stop wishing upon a star and start hacking my way through the jungle of paperwork necessary to become single.

First step – the Ring is off, check. Next step – called the court advocate on my way to work today, check. Final step (to this process, at least) – writing him the letter officially ending our marriage when I get home from work tonight.

Wish me luck, think kind thoughts about me and if you pray, please pray for me to get through this in one piece…