Dear Husband,

I told you I would think about our conversation on Monday and try to write you a letter so here goes. 

You asked “Why are you here?” and that’s what I’ve been thinking about most.  Why was I there?  Why do I keep agreeing to meet with you?  What am I trying to accomplish?  I really had to think about it.  You seem to believe that I hadn’t yet filed for divorce because deep down in my heart I want to commit to restoring our relationship to what it should have been.

Honesty requires that I say this is not true, as I believe I communicated to you on Monday.

So why was I still meeting with you?  Healthy communication has always been my main goal and I thought I’ve made that clear from the get-go.  But your question forced me to realize that it’s the only thing I want to accomplish from our meetings.  I don’t want to move back in with you and I don’t want our marriage to continue.  Therefore, as of today, I have stopped wearing my wedding ring and have contacted the legal team at the women’s shelter to start the process of filing for divorce.  I will not be meeting with you for dates or to talking to you about our relationship anymore. 

I’m sorry this is hurtful to you.

I will still need to pick up our younger daughter’s things from the house, if it would be more convienient to do that after I get off work on Friday, April 3rd so that you and our older daughter could be out of the house while I am loading up please let me know.  I will remove my totes of things from the house as soon as I can after returning from my trip.