My husband showed up at my work this morning, gave me some mail, said he wants my name off all the household bills, gave me the spare key for my car in exchange for my key to the house and wants to meet with me to decide what to do with my car. The loan is only in his name and if the finance company can’t/won’t change it into my name then he said he would give me his car, which is paid for, and take mine. I don’t like his car and he doesn’t like mine so we’ll see how that works out…

Obviously he doesn’t trust me to have access to our house or to make the car payments and keep his credit pretty. 

He also said that I’m not doing the right thing, I’m breaking my covenant vows before God, he’s dissapointed that I informed him in writing instead of face to face, blah,  blah,  blah… and he’s relieved because he’s been “busting his butt” trying to love me and win me back and I “obviously don’t want to be won”.

I just listened. Anything I could have said would only have invited him to debate with me rather than provide him with enlightenment. I got two things out of his little statement:

1. He’s relieved. I feel like he wants a divorce as much as I do but will never admit it in a thousand years because it’s “wrong”.

2. And if the last 2 months were his best efforts at trying to show me love and win me over… well let’s just say that I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I made the right decision. Everybody should run away from a lifetime of that! 

I know that not all guys are like him but right now I’m pretty disgusted with his entire gender, ugh!

I’m feeling good about finalizing this decision. There may have been better ways to handle it – and to be fair I feel like I did try to tell him twice face-to-face and was talked out of it – but at least it’s done and if I get enough tips I’m going to eat at my favorite resturant tonight, yay!