Today after work I was invited to one of my bosses homes for dinner and then we played cards afterwards.  I attempted to display my mad chopsticking skills at dinner but was immediately handed a fork… guess I still need to work on those, ha, ha.

There was a total of six of us and it was sooo much fun!  I’ve played Texas Holdem before but that is the sum total of my poker experience and they either weren’t interested or didn’t know it.  They tried to teach me 13 card something or other but between me not knowing much about card games and not understanding Vietnamese they gave up and we settled on Blackjack.

The typical bet was $1 a round and I am NOT a fast counter so I’m grateful they’re so honest, lol!  There was lots of Vietnamese chatter that I didn’t understand a lick of but, thankfully, laughter is a universal language and we roared with it while I grinned like an idiot through the entire game.  When it was all over I had only lost a grand total of four dollars and it was worth every penny.

Add to that the bed and kitchen table I got free from the shelter program were delivered today and I will start living in my new place tomorrow.

I love my life now, God is so good to me!