There is nothing like admitting your painfully embarrassing secrets to make them go away, ha, ha.  The whole Junior High crush thing has subsided to an entirely manageable level and life is making more sense again, yay!  Oh, and I think my boss Todd does like me – at least a little bit – because I keep getting little displays of mild jealousy from him.  He keeps making a big deal out of the “Honey” joke and said today that his brother and I should hold hands and go to a movie tomorrow when the shop is closed.  Men.

I have the next four days off but after that I will probably be working 7 days a week for a while because the non-related owner has gone to Vietnam for several months, leaving us short-handed in our busy season.  If I didn’t adore these people I would stick to my guns and keep my day off but as it is I have nothing better to do – except maybe sleep – so a working I will be. Darn it!  Besides, working all day keeps me from spending money (and electricity at home) so hopefully by the end of the summer I will have saved a nice little nest egg for winter when things slow down.

My younger brother is coming down next week and will spend a day with me.  It hit me as I was telling my bosses that I MUST have Tuesday off to spend time with him, that my brother is actually coming down because my ex-husband invited him and he’s not specifically coming to see me but because I’m here I get to spend time with him too.  Hmmm…  I’m not entirely sure how to feel about that but in the end it doesn’t matter.  He’s coming down and I will have a chance to show him my life now.  I have no intention of bashing my ex and would really like to not talk about the past 20 years at all if I can help it but hopefully my brother will see the change in me now that I’m on my own and realize there really was something wrong all those years.

Tomorrow I’m going to a local water park with two friends and their kids.  They’ve both left their husbands recently – one said she found the courage to leave because I did – and while I’m really sad to know that my actions helped set another divorce in motion I also know that it would have happened eventually without my influence.  I fully expect to come out of it looking like a lobster in spite of the gallons of sunblock I will be applying but I’m looking forward to hearing their stories and sharing some of mine.

Sunday I invited my local best friend and her husband over for lunch and then he’s going to fix some things around my house.  They are such good friends!

Monday I’m having blood work done and an ultrasound of my gall bladder as I’m having trouble properly digesting under cooked meat (I love it hot and pink!) and fatty/greasy foods.  And maybe I’ll get together with a friend in the afternoon for lunch.

Tuesday will be spent hanging out with my brother and his daughter.  I’m planning to take them to lunch and see if we can find something fun to do that doesn’t involve him fixing anything in my house, car or life.  We’ll see how that goes…

I’m afraid I’m going to try and pack too much into my days off when I should be resting but there’s so much to do!