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A whole month has flown by since my last post and I feel like I’ve been living an entirely different life now that my daughter’s home.  A really good life but completely different than the six months before that had been.

My younger daughter, whom I’m going to start calling Tina here, has decided to stay living with me and not go back to her abusive husband.  She is keeping her married last name and starting to go by her middle name instead of her first name in effort to have a fresh start.  She is applying to enroll in a different school district than she went to before she dropped out and she was hired last week at a local restaurant.  Tina has started to reconnect with some of her old friends and seems to be much healthier emotionally than when I first picked her up.  She really enjoyed working at the nail salon with me and is considering becoming a nail tech after she graduates from high school.  The only friction we’ve had is over her puppy, who needs obedience classes almost as much as she needs to know how to train him.  She is also doing a terrible job of cleaning up after him and if she can’t get on top of it I told her we aren’t going to be able to keep him so we’ll see how that turns out.

Something that started out fun and then went sad – I had a son for most of a month. A sweet 18 year old young man moved in with his aunt and uncle next door to me and I’m not sure I’ve ever met a teenage boy that was so helpful, so well mannered and kind.  He was also one of the most wounded, damaged souls I’ve met in a long time too.  Sent here by his family in California to get away from gang members that wanted to hurt him and drug use he had no sense of self worth whatsoever and didn’t feel like anyone loved him or believed in him.  He cried almost every time he told me more of his background.  I took him to church with us and he sang, he raised his hands and he gave me a hug and then just clung to me, sobbing.  My heart went out to this boy and I wanted to help him, to make a difference in his life so I started including him in meals and activities with Tina and me and I told him I was adopting him.  I thought things were improving for him and then one day he was gone.  He went back to California and didn’t even say goodbye, I hope he stays safe and doesn’t go back to his old life.

Work has been busy and my work relationships have been going just fine, yay!  Because of several little things he’s said and done I’m pretty sure that my boss, Todd, does like me more than “just friends” but I’ve decided that I only like him as a good friend or a brother and could never be comfortable dating him, which has made my life a lot easier.  On the other hand I absolutely adore his brother, Hank, and while I don’t see me ever dating him or liking him romantically I definitely love him a lot.  And yes, it feels really weird to love a guy so much but neither of us be at all interested in kissing, holding hands or anything intimate that I’ve always associated with boy-girl love.   Hank makes me smile and just being around him brings me so much joy, it’s like he’s a little radiator but instead of heat I receive joy and happiness when I’m around him.  He makes me want to be that kind of person for everyone around me.

My ex contacted me a week or so ago and wanted me to pay something that had gone to collections.  And then he wanted to know why Tina hadn’t returned any of his text messages and where was she on getting her divorce and what was going on in her life and why wasn’t I telling him anything about her.  Then he asked, again, why I left and divorced him… and if there was any chance for us to get back together.  Good grief that man is dense!  I paid the bill and then wrote him a letter and told him that I would keep him in the loop if Tina went to the ER or anything urgent like that but from now on he needed to build a relationship with her and get her to trust him enough to tell him about her life herself.  I gave him three reasons why I left and divorced him, the main one being that he is still emotionally abusive, and I told him that no, there is no chance of us getting back together again so he should feel free to move on with his life and find himself a nice little wife to share it with.

Health-wise I’ve been having some minor issues so I had some labs done and an ultrasound of my gall bladder.  Turns out the gall bladder is fine but I have a mild fatty liver and an under active thyroid… and I’m anemic.  I have an appointment next month to talk to the doctor about it but in the meantime I’m on a synthetic thyroid medicine and iron pills along with my anti depressant and sleep medicine.  I feel like I’m taking a lot of pills now, ugh!

I get one day off a week and it’s not quite enough to be fully rested but until winter comes that’s how it is, lol.  I try to visit with one friend each week and get all my bills and errands taken care of on my day off.  Today I met with two friends for a late lunch and then we wandered around an outdoor mall and did some shopping, It was fun!

And that has been my life for the last month.  I’ve gone from being a single woman living alone to being a busy single mom and I feel like God brought everything together perfectly – my bosses have a lot going on at home and stopped inviting me to hang out with them as much as they used to while at the exact same time I would have had to start saying no to a lot of their invitations so that I could spend more time with Tina.  Life is good!  I am well provided for with my job, my relationship with Tina is better than it’s ever been, I have good friends, God is faithful and I am blessed.