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After my meltdown almost a month ago the doctor upped my happy pills and it definitely helped. How fabulous would it be not to need medication to stay balanced, ugh!  Something else that has helped improve my “mood”, as my doctor so graciously calls it, is the two kittens we got from the neighbor lady.  These two orange tabby brothers are the cutest things ever and they make my heart so happy!

As of my last doctor visit I found out that I need to have a hysterectomy and I’m a little nervous about it.  Apparently I have a fairly large fibroid and since every other test they’ve run to pinpoint the source of my anemia has come up with zippo the doc says my heavy periods must be the source so let’s take out the offending organ.  I’m a little skeptical that my cycles are really heavy enough to make me that anemic for over twenty years but… I’m OK with eliminating my need to buy Always ever again.  Add to that the fact that I don’t want to have any more children whether or not I ever get remarried AND recovery time means mandatory time off work and it’s pretty much a win-win.  I have my consultation on November 2nd to discuss what type of surgery I’ll need and then I’ll know how much recovery time to prepare my boss for, lol.  I am going to respectfully request that I get scheduled for the actual surgery before the end of the year because I’ve already met my deductible for this year so the holidays may be very interesting.

Speaking of work, things have changed there too.  I have conquered my infatuation with Hank and even though we still spend so much time together at work it’s much easier to control my feelings, thank God!  Todd, who is the only owner who still works there full-time, is still a great boss but definitely has some issues with communication.  I called him on it and to make it up to me he gave me two days off in a row last week instead of my normal, one day a week off.  It was FABULOUS!  I felt like I had a little vacation, whoo hoo!  Todd has apparently noticed that I’m not as happy as I used to be and he brought in one of his sisters to work at the shop with us so I won’t be the only girl there for the next couple of months or so.  Oh, and I must say that trying to explain that I need a hysterectomy to people who speak minimal to moderate English was hilarious…

And now on to Montana – yes, I will be moving up to be closer to my father but not until the end of March or early April but I have not told my bosses yet, I want to get through my surgery first.  My daughter and her best friend will be living in my trailer and keeping up on all the utilities and what not.  Delaying until spring will give the girls a chance to get steady jobs and prove they can stay on top of all the bills with just the two of them and it will give me a chance to save up more money to get started in Montana.  Oh yes, another thing that makes my heart happy is waking up to teenage laughter.  My daughter and her friends are such a good group of kids and they feel like my house is their second home and call me mom.  It’s so very, very nice, I love it!

My life seems to be a roller coaster of emotional ups and downs, and sadly, medication is necessary to stay balanced at this point of my life.  Hopefully I will be able to self-balance eventually but for now, everything is back to being good.