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Most of August was lovely…

Life at work was good, my Vietnamese family were all fairly happy with me, work was not busy but steady, making the paychecks good enough that I managed to save up all the money I needed to pay for putting new carpet in my trailer bringing me one major step closer to moving to Montana.  My Vietnamese family took me to the fair for my birthday this year like they did last year and then I went again with my sister a few days later.  Overall it really was a nice month.

On my birthday I arrived at work to find balloons, an orchid, cheesecake and a card with money on my desk!  I was on cloud nine…  A short time later there was a scheduling glitch that the older brother boss was sure was my fault and the day went from wonderful to tense and ruined.

I realized that these episodes are happening more and more frequently.  The oldest brother and youngest sister are the ones in charge of the salon I work at.  She actually has the majority invested and is the real boss but her English isn’t very good so he runs the shop.

For a long time I was “in love” with him because he was kind and sweet and funny and to some small degree, presumably as much as he can, he does love me, he has even told me so.  To his credit he never took advantage of my healing heart, he consistently said that I was Very Good Friend and treated me very nearly as another one of his sisters.

After he became the big boss at work, however, he changed and all of the nice went away. I suspect it’s a cultural thing and he’s only emulating other Asian bosses that he’s had, believing that there is only one way to Be The Boss and that is to be large and in charge while being suspicious of everything you don’t understand.  And since English is hard there is quite a bit he doesn’t understand.  When he’s in a good mood he will recognize his own mistakes and apologize for them quickly and sincerely but when he is in a bad mood nothing is ever his fault and even just trying to explain what happened is viewed as disrespecting him because you’re arguing.

I still adore him but I don’t love him anymore and I’m tired of the whiplash from his mood swings as he struggles to decide how he’s feeling and how a boss should be acting at any given moment…  I’m done with all of it and he makes me want to move to Montana tomorrow.

His sister, in fact both of his sisters, on the other hand, truly love me.  The majority owner sister with the poor English keeps buying me things – expensive things.  I think that giving gifts is her love language and I wish I could reciprocate in kind but all I can do is say thank you, give her big hugs and tell her I love her.  A lot.

The carpet gets installed in 5 days and was hoping to list my trailer for sale immediately afterwards but I still have to replace the shower walls and I have no idea how to do that, much less the time to get it done – and now I have a toothache and don’t feel like doing anything, lol.  But I know it will all work out…  When it’s supposed to…  God save me…