I have one day left at my job and then my adventure begins!  I’m excited and terrified, eager and reluctant, broke and… broke lol.

This is all, absolutely happening according to God’s plan. My plan was to move last April with $5,0oo in my pocket from the sale of my little trailer house and have lots of time to start beauty school, find a job and a place to live.  But if I had moved last April I would have gone to the beauty school that closed its doors forever at the end of October so I would have had to stop my schooling in the middle and move to the school that I will now be attending – which is an hour away from where my dad lives.  Now, I’ll be living in the town where the school is and driving the hour to see my dad once a week instead of every day.  Also, my younger daughter was not interested in moving to Montana with me until just last month.  Now, she wants to move up with me in July when her lease is up.  And there’s more, smaller things that have turned out to be a blessing because I didn’t move when I originally planned on moving.  And the money from my trailer has gone to pay all of my bills off, with the exception of my car, so now I have the bare minimum expenditures possible, which will be a big help AND I used the trailer money to set aside everything I need to cover all of December and January’s bills, giving me the month of December’s earnings to pay for last-minute expenditures (like Christmas and replacing the wheel bearings in my car, ugh!) and all of January to get a job capable of paying my bills come February and going forward.

My taxes from 2015 are finished, paid and mailed in, making my FAFSA legit and therefore qualifying me for grants and student loans.  I’m going to make my first trip to Montana next week/the week after Christmas and go talk to the beauty school about finances, ask if any students need a roommate, check with local salons about getting a part-time job  while I’m in school and visit my folks.  Once I’ve got my lodging and school finances settled I’ll make another trip or two up there with my belongings and be completely moved into my new life!  The goal is to have everything done by January 23rd when  school starts…

In the meantime, the shop is closed on Christmas day so Monday will be my first, official day out of work and I plan on spending it in my pajamas, watching movies and eating finger foods allllll daaaayyyyyyy lllooooonnnnggg.

I know that God’s hand is in this major life change for me and He will not leave me hanging.  All the details have worked out for the best so far and I chose to trust him for the ones I don’t have answers for right now.  Like the song says – every little thing is going to be all right.

Merry Christmas everyone!