Dear 2017,

This new year is very important to me and you are not going to screw it up!  Here are the things I WILL be doing in the ext 365 days, in random order:

  1.  Moving to Montana
  2. Getting a job and real housing
  3. Beginning, finishing a cosmetology course and passing the licensing tests
  4. Beginning the beauty instructor course
  5. Making new friends and staying in contact with my old ones
  6. Start painting again
  7. Begin writing poetry and songs again
  8. Find somewhere to sing publicly
  9. Go on at least 6 dates (providing there is somebody out there crazy enough to want to ask me out…)
  10. Go to the ocean for no less than two full days at least one time
  11. Stop drinking caffeinated sodas regularly and limit them to special occasions
  12. Pay off my one remaining debt (other than my car) and not get any new debt (aside from student loans)
  13. Go for a walk at least 4 days a week, every week

Thank you, that is all.

For now…