So here’s someplace I never thought life would take me, I am now legally able to perform weddings!  It was several months ago that a friend of mine asked me to officiate her marriage to her fiance as they are not very “churchy” people and were uncomfortable trying to find a pastor they didn’t know.

I had to stop and think about it for a minute or two.  It was a huge honor to be asked but wow, it’s also a huge responsibility…  In the end I decided to do it and help my friend so they could bed legally married.  It was easy for me to get ordained online to perform weddings – it was free and took 10 minutes.  I did purchase the certificate package and they mailed me a very nice certificate of ordination and letter of good standing to meet state requirements for performing weddings.

The wedding was held in their home with two witnesses and their combined children.  We were all nervous but I had everything written down and was able to follow my notes.  Two of the boys held the rings until it was time and there was an adorable amount of confusion over which boy had which ring…  She cried during the vows and it was very tender.  The whole thing lasted 10 minutes and was very real and precious.

Tomorrow I need to mail the marriage license and a copy of my ordination certificate to the state and the process will be complete.

At end of the day I was glad I accepted the honor of officiating their wedding.  I’m not looking to do another anytime soon but it isn’t a one time license and has no expiration date so I guess I could marry lots of folks.

You never know where you’ll be called in life to go but I guess now I’m ready for one more thing that I wasn’t expecting to be able to do – ever.  And that’s pretty awesome.