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OK, so I went shopping this afternoon while my Sweet Tooth was in high gear…bad news! The old saying “Never Shop Hungry” has once again proved itself to be pretty darn accurate because guess what I walked out of the store with? (Ummm, and that would be for just me – not to share with my family…yes, I’m a bad Mommy.)

From the Bulk Foods section:
About 1 pound of: Skittles, Jelly Bellies and M & Ms
About ½ pound of: Butter Mints, Gummy Grapefruit slices, Orange Cream Drops with Almonds and Lemon Cream Drops with Almonds

From the Chip Aisle:
Carmel Bugles

From the Soda Aisle:
1 Two-liter of generic Dr Pepper

From the little coolers by the checkout stands:
1 Cold 20 oz carbonated Cascade Ice, Mixed Berry flavor

So roughly five pounds of bulk candy, 1 bag of sweet & salty chips, a 2-liter of soda and a 20 oz soda. Hmmm… I think I’m in trouble.

After making my purchases, I then went to church and only had enough time to try 1 Orange Cream Drop with Almonds and 1 Lemon Cream Drop with Almonds. Essentially they are an almond coated with white chocolate with an outer layer of the citrus flavor. They were not too bad but I wished they had a stronger fruit flavor.

Church was a special service to dedicate our newly-remodeled building (during which I drank most of my Cascade Ice, it was more tart than sweet, sad…) followed by finger-foods in the fellowship hall.

Although I have been very proud of myself for losing 35 pounds in the last 14 months I probably gained most of it back tonight, ugh! I ate a Costco roll with a bacon-sized slice of brisket, a second Costco roll plain, about 4 each of celery sticks and cucumber slices, 3 slices of a brown-skinned pear that I’ve never had before, (it had a good flavor but was really crunchy like an apple), a couple of good-sized dollops of a fantastic ranch dressing, about 10 slices (2” x 2”) of cheese, 3 servings of rhubarb crisp and 1 oatmeal raisin cookie.

We came home and I had a handful of the Orange & Lemon Cream Drops with Almonds with one of my daughters. I am content…and full. I think I’ll go to bed now, good night!