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I confess, I do almost all my blogging late at night when I can’t sleep.  Then again it is the only time I can be sure of remaining uninterrupted… <sigh>  But I don’t stay up purposefully to blog and I guess you could probably track how well I sleep by the length of time in between posts – what a crazy life I live!

Let’s see, I’m tired of the negative going on in my life and nothing has really changed anyway. I think I’ll write myself a fairy tale.

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived alone in the woods of an undiscovered island in a cottage by a stream running into the ocean.  She slept when she was tired, ate when she was hungry and wore whatever clothes suited her fancy and looked good with bare feet.  She made molasses crinkle cookies, sponge cakes and divinity any time she felt like it and drank Dr. Pepper all day long.  She loved making a fire on the sand and could watch the flames dance all night, sometimes she even danced with them.  She enjoyed the beauty of the ocean and filled her cottage with pretty shells, oddly shaped stones and the occasional driftwood from the beach.  For fun she made paintings of the trees in her forest and after the sun went down she sat at her piano to write songs and sing to her hearts content.  She was not lonely because she talked to the animals and trees in the forest, and to herself.  She had intelligent conversations when she answered herself.  Her life was full of beauty and tranquility.  She lived a nice, long time and died peacefully while reclining in a chair on the beach, staring out over the water.  After she breathed her last breath the ocean embraced her in a large, gentle wave and pulled her to itself, never to be seen again.  Many years later an explorer discovered her cabin and brought her music, art and shell collection back to the mainland where it was supposed to be displayed in a museum but wound up getting lost in storage and eventually was sold off one piece at a time in curiosity shops up and down the coast.  The End.

Ha, ha!  That was fun and it made me giggle!  Maybe I can go to sleep now and dream of my cottage on an undiscovered island…