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I am soooooo stressed at this period of my life.  I’ve been having Panic Attacks, stress eating – and therefore gaining weight – sleeping a lot and not doing a very good job at work.  I need to find a Happy Place, right here, right now on my lunch break!  So in the spirit of The Sound of Music, these are a few of my favorite things:

Haribo Gummy Raspberries
Organizing my cupboards and closets
Roses that smell nice AND are bi-colored
Dr. Pepper
The Princess Bride
My two best friends
My sister
The OCEAN – why didn’t I think of this one first?
Blues & Greens
Soothing music
Falling rain
Ginger Wasabi (from Scentsy – discontinued)
White chocolate
Road trips

…and my lunch is over but I feel a little better already.  Focusing on the positive – I guess it really works!