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when the places I’ve never been
become where all I want to see
when there’s no “remember when”
because I was afraid to be

I know I am lost

when the words I can’t say
become all that I can think
when seconds of each day
become holes in which I sink

I am all alone

when I cry out to be found
and I don’t hear You reply
when my heart is torn all down
by the tears caught in my eyes

I am afraid

when I finally hear Your voice
because I have stopped to listen
when You give me a choice
because I’ve read what is written

I am hopeful

when I set aside what I expect
and ask what You are doing
I make my life more circumspect
by seeing what You’re viewing

I am awakening

when I join You right where You’re at
and fix my eyes above
and worry not of this or that
my heart fills with Your love

I am found

BluEydButterfly 2-1-14


Rain falls softly in the Garden of Winter
It is ever raining here
Allowing the Stone Angels to weep always
This garden is a place of beauty and solitude
I come here to be alone

And I am, alone
Even when others come to the Garden of Winter
To find solitude
We are each alone here

A place kept secret, always
Everyone needs a place to be alone
I find that place here
In the Garden of Winter
That secret place of solitude

When one needs solitude
One must have it, always
The Garden of Winter
Allows me to be alone
With my thoughts, here

And I can weep with the Stone Angels here
In quiet solitude
When I need to be alone
I cannot always
Go away to the Garden of Winter

So the Garden of Winter
Is here
Inside me always
A corner of solitude
A piece of my heart that will ever stand alone