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It’s actually not as terrible as the title sounds – I’ve been drinking the heck out of the neck of my bottle of hard apple cider, lol.  My Vietnamese bosses like to have one single bottle of something alcoholic with dinner and I’ve had several more dinners with them since my last post.  There’s always a round of “cheers” and bottle-clinking and it just seems really lame to try and clink with my red Solo cup of Dr. Pepper… besides, drinking isn’t actually a sin – believe it or not – so I’ve been clinking away with my bottle and manage to sip it down to just past the neck because I still don’t like the taste of alcohol.  My sister is worried I’ll become an alcoholic because addiction runs in our family but I don’t think she has anything to worry about, besides, she drinks more than I do!  Also I’ve stopped drinking caffiene daily, I’m down to maybe once a week now and I’m having one non-caffinated soda a day, usually mixed with juice.

In the last 22 days since my previous post not much has changed.  I’m living in my new place and really enjoying it.  I’ve become quite handy and fixed my swamp cooler and installed a shelf over my washer and dryer all by myself!  I’ve also been trying to get all my stuff out of my mini-storage one tiny carload at a time.  I pack the car full, bring it home and try to put it all away before bring the next batch in but I’m just about done with the stuff that will fit into my small car so I’m getting ready to ask for help from the guys at church to bring the rest here.  I especially miss my piano so I need to set up a time to have it delivered soon.  I’m finding that going through the stuff is emotionally harder than I expected because of the memories and emotions attached to the stuff I took out of my old house.  I’d almost rather donate all of it and start over but I need to be wise with my resources so I’m forcing myself to go through it.

My job is still good although the euphoria has worn off somewhat.  I still leave feeling happy and fulfilled, grateful to be a part of their little family but the giddy, schoolgirl feelings have finally dissapated.  It looks like one of my bosses will be moving back to Vietnam next month so that will change the dynamics somewhat but everything will be fine.  Once or twice a week we all go out for dinner or a movie and last Sunday I even had everyone over to my new place for a BBQ, that was so much fun!  It was just me, my sister, my bosses and one of them brought her boyfriend.  We grilled steaks and had a great time, I think I grinned like an idiot the entire time but I was so happy to have them all in my home because I love entertaining!

I also got a bunny rabbit for a pet, whoo hoo!  I figured a bunny is probably the perfect pet for me because it’s just fine being alone in a cage outside while I work 11 – 12 hour days six days a week but I can bring it inside and pet it when I want to.  A neighbor in the trailer park moved out and gave me the rabbit cage they left behind and then I have a friend who raises rabbits to show and sell and she gave me a sweet little 4-month old lop eared bunny that I have named, with the help of my sister, Bernard.  Bernard is very soft and quite a bit larger than I expected for 4 months old but he is currently in the dog house because he peed on me while I was trying to hold him and watch a movie.  It was A Lot of pee and it smelled very much bad…  I was grateful that only a little, quarter-sized spot wound up on my couch (and I cleaned it up right away) but I can see that I’m going to have to invest in some absorbant pads in the near future, ugh!

I made a new friend at church, we have the same first name, which is unusual since it’s not a very popular first name – we went to lunch together and spent an enjoyable 2 hours talking about all sorts of things and discovered we have similar life stories and interests in several areas.

So there it is, an update on me.  Life is still good, I am happier than I’ve ever been and I’m feeling healthier than ever both mentally and physically.  Oh, my next oldest brother and I are starting to really communicate now too but I’ll post some of those letters later.