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Am I the only one who loves the smell of fresh-ground coffee beans but can’t stand the taste of coffee?  OK, so don’t laugh but that is exactly my relationship with Organization.  I can enter an office supply store and the tension will start to drip away from me as soon as I cross the welcome mat.  I find my way to the aisle with all the different writing instruments and my shoulders unwind.  I could browse for hours in the calendars and personal organizer section because peace washes over me like I’m laying on a beach in Hawaii (although I still haven’t been there yet, I’m just imagining what it would be like).  Yes, I’ve always been a little strange…deal with it!

Like fresh-ground coffee beans I love, love, love, love the “aroma” of organization and if you show me a new gizmo or gadget that could possibly help organizes my life, well, I Want It.  And if it’s tiny, cute, navy blue and/or has butterflies on it then I Must Have It!  Basically I drool over just about anything with packaging that promises to put a framework around my crazy life and gives me and my possessions structure.  I want more shelves, bins, totes, notebooks, calendars, gidgets and gazmos… it can turn into an obsession, just like those people who bid waaaaay more than something is worth on Ebay just because they have to win.  Hmmm.  I guess there are worse fixations to have than being organized…

To be fair my office space at work is very organized to the point of impressing my managers… but of course it is, I have no children or husband at work to come behind me and mess things up just after I’ve cleaned them, eh?

However, just as I can’t stand the actual taste of coffee, having a plethora of Organizational things doesn’t mean the house – or my life outside of work – actually gets organized.  What it really means is that I now have a spare bedroom full of the cutest, tiny navy blue plastic crates imaginable; green totes I bought on clearance after Christmas; bookshelves that are full of spiral notebooks, 3 ring binders, assorted software; the closet is full of boxes, gift bags & wrapping paper, and oh yes, and I can’t forget the tote full of gifts to give for last-minute occasions…  <sigh>

Although I gave up on making “Being Organized” a New Year’s resolution quite some time ago I have several books on being organized that I read a couple times a year.  Emily Barnes and Elizabeth George are two of my favorite authors that write about organization of your time and possessions – and how to fit devotional time with God into your busy life as well.  I think it is Emily Barnes that inspired me with the quote “Something is better than nothing.  But always aim for more.”  Last year my dear little sister even bought and mailed me a book – the title is something like “Clutter’s Last Stand”. I think it’s on one of my bookshelves and I’m pretty sure I even read it.  I might have to go back and re-read that one again, hmmm.

Another excellent organizational program is The Fly Lady, an online program for people who need to learn how to clean their homes – and keep them clean.  The Fly Lady quote that has stuck with me is this:  “You can do anything for 15 minutes.”  (You have no idea how many situations I’ve applied that quote to that have nothing whatsoever to do with housework…)

But regardless of the condition of my house my heart is 100% in love with organization and someday I may get my act together enough to use all of the fabulous tools and skills I’ve gathered over my lifetime and actually have a neat and tidy home… but don’t hold your breath!