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Because somebody has to say it…

A lot of people care about me and love me but so many others don’t have that.  It’s a big, wide world out there and our culture has stripped so many people of any desire – or ability – to care for, much less love, others.

In our pursuit of our American “rights” – to be heard, speak our mind and have it our way – we trample on the hearts of others believing, somehow, that their being hurt by our words and actions is their own fault for not supporting us, or maybe that because they are not able to be strong enough to stand up for themselves (like we are) that they deserve whatever ill treatment they get.

This is so wrong!  We are better than this, America!

Stop being spoiled, sassy-mouthed whiner-babies and turn all that energy you’re wasting on verbalizing your angst into action that will help create a solution.  You don’t like the way veterans are being treated?  Get involved!  Find a practical way to help the ones in your community.  If you are bothered that children and the homeless in your community are going hungry while so much food is being wasted by grocery stores and restaurants then find a way to work with those businesses to put that food to good use.  Posting something on Facebook that says “Like if you think grocery stores should be required to give their old food to homeless shelters” accomplishes absolutely nothing towards making that happen.  Zip.  Zero.  Nada.  And complaining about who’s going to be our next president?  There is nothing you can do about it unless you’re going to run for election in four years so spouting your mouth off about how it’s the end of the world only makes YOU a harbinger of fear and YOU are creating chaos in the lives of the people around you.  YOU, not the president-elect.

Venting your spleen about how unjust your life is instead of trying to find a way to make it better is simply adding wood to the fire that is going to burn your house down.  You’re whipping people’s emotions into a frenzy that cannot be satisfied except by rioting, violence and the unnecessary death of innocent people at the hand of a mindless mob who, as separate individuals, would never dream of doing what was done as a group when they are stirred up so senselessly.

Stop incessantly complaining that nobody is out there changing the world to your liking when you won’t even TRY to change the little bit of the world that you live in.  After all, who is going to find a solution to what bothers you better than you?

At the very least, speaking badly about anything and everything that bothers you at every moment possible does little more than suck joy and happiness out of each life you touch.  Is that really who you want to be?  I hope not.


In their most recent effort to be more friendly and interactive Facebook is constantly asking me “How do you feel?”  Seriously?  A computer program wants to know how I feel?  Hey Devs, this isn’t the Matrix…  Does that mean I’m “unplugged” and living in the real world while all the people who are sucked into thinking that Facebook actually cares about how their feeling are still trapped in the system?  Lol.

But on a more serious note, to have emotions, to have stirrings… maybe even all the way up to “feelings” (to summarize Johnny Depp in the last Pirates movie) is something that I built a wall against a long time ago.  I used to have dreams and passions.  I wanted to:

Be the Worship Leader at church
Have a non-profit business and host regular retreats for women who need to relax and recharge
Become a music teacher
Start a home for crisis pregnancies and provide education in both life and job skills
Own my own business
Become a Certified Counselor and help people with their problems
Build myself a house on the Oregon Coast
Go to Hawaii
Be a professional event coordinator/party planner
Have my own band
Have a free soup kitchen for anybody – not just the homeless
Become an architect
Build a community of like-minded people and live off the grid in the middle of nowhere

And I’m sure there were more but those are the ones I can think of right now.

None of these things have happened and over the years my dreams have slowly died, withered, shriveled, crumbled, faded and blown away.  It was kind of hard to even remember most of these to write them down, wow.

The Bible says that “without a vision the people will perish”.  What do you do when you lose your passion for reaching the stars?  When you realize that you can’t help anybody because you’re simply existing and don’t have anything extra to give anymore.  You pack up your emotions, your feelings, dreams and desires into little, tiny boxes and hide them someplace no one will ever think to look.  And then you build a wall around your boxes and plant a thorny bush at the base of the walls.  Your boxes are safe there, nobody can touch them or hurt them.  After a while you forget where you put them and they become safe from you too.

How do I find my missing boxes of emotion?  How do I feel again?  How do I start dreaming once more?  God help me but some days I feel like I’m a Terminator – living flesh on the outside but nothing human on the inside, just a bunch of gadgets and gizmos that keep everything running.

This is depressing – I meant to write something happy today!  All right, here’s the happy part – I’m going to pick something on the list and do it!  Unfortunately Hawaii is not an option right now  😦   However, I think I can pull off a retreat for a dozen ladies and then if everything goes well maybe form a non-profit to continue it.  There’s several rental houses (with hot tubs!) in the mountains not far from here that would hold 12 – 14 ladies and I think the cost would be about $150 per lady for 2 nights and 3 days (that’s lodging, food, supplies, everything).  Is that unreasonable?  Oooohhh… I’m getting excited now, planning things makes me happy!  Now to find a dozen women who want to get away for a weekend with no husbands, no kids, just God and Girlfriends…  Wish me luck!