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Yesterday, for the very first time I watched the first three movies of the  Twilight series.  We have been avoiding them since they first came out because of all of the negative feedback from Christian sources saying how “dangerous” these books/movies are and yet we watch Heroes, Alphas, X-Men, Avengers and all kinds of other TV shows and movies that portray people having super-powers and using them for good or for evil, as is their nature. I decided to watch them and see what all the fuss was about and to be completely honest I have to say that aside from Edward’s character I didn’t think the series lived up to the hype.  To be fair, however, I have not read the books so everything here is based solely on the movies… and we all know that the books are better than the movie…

For a story line you have the basic love triangle:  Edward is a “bad boy” who doesn’t want to be bad and falls in love with a girl and wants to keep her from becoming like him. So great is his love for her that he leaves her, after saying mean things, and hopes she will forget all about him and move on with a normal life.  Of course they’re both miserable and when he thinks she’s dead he tries to kill himself, more or less.

Bella’s relationship with Jacob is entirely Edward’s fault.  If he hadn’t left her they would have never become close and the entire story would be completely boring.

Jacob, who doesn’t spend nearly enough time without a shirt on, falls in love with Bella, although at one point she does warn Jacob that if he makes her chose between him and Edward “it will always be Edward”.

OK, now for the characters:  Bella, who in my honest opinion is pretty much a spoiled little brat, does whatever she wants without any regard whatsoever to the feelings of the two men who love her.  (Or her father, or anybody else who tries to give her advice.)  I personally believe that both guys could do better but again, there’s no movie if somebody isn’t frustrating…  It also seems to me like Bella’s more in love with the idea of never aging than she is in love with Edward himself but it could be just me.  Throughout the movie she was the aggressor sexually, although they never actually have sex at any point in the first three movies and she tells her father she is a virgin.  I don’t remember very many I Love You’s from Bella (or Edward, for that matter) and it appears to me that she is much more interested in becoming “changed” than she does in being married, which in this day and age is relatively short-termed while becoming a vampire is forever.

Edward is one very noble bad guy.  He did not ask to be a vampire but is now stuck that way for eternity, and he’s got a moral code and standard of ethics that would make any parent think very hard about overlooking the blood-sucking part of his nature.  I mean seriously, he does everything he can to prevent Bella from chosing a vampire life, refuses to have sex with her until they are married, watches over her while she sleeps every night and fights to protect her on a regular basis.  (Of course, if he wasn’t a vampire she wouldn’t need so much protection, I’m just saying’…)  Edward is also extremely patient with Bela, I don’t think very many men would put up with their beloved having another man for her “best friend” and all the embraces and motorcycle rides that went along with that.  Another very impressive thing to me was that Edward is willing to just walk away if she were to choose Jacob over him “because she would be happy”.  Except for the whole must-drink-blood thing Edward is a perfect gentleman, protector and fairy tale come true all rolled into one and what woman doesn’t want a man like that?

Jacob is by genetics a werewolf, born that way and can’t do anything about it.  And honestly, he probably wouldn’t do anything about it even if he could.  While technically not as “evil” as vampires (only because they don’t view humans as food) werewolves are very violent and until they learn to control themselves they can easily cause physical harm to even the person they love the most.  Knowing this causes Jacob to try to end his budding relationship with the Edward-bereft Bella after he “phases” because he loves her enough to know that he could accidentally hurt her and doesn’t want to do that.  But she easily overrides his arguments and refuses to end their friendship, deepening his love for her and frequently misleading him by her actions as to where her heart truly is. Jacob’s character was not nearly as honorable as Edwards, at one point he kisses Bella forcefully and against her will and is continually harassing her to admit she loves him but overall I liked Jacob’s character.  Besides just thinking he is physically more attractive than Edward, Jacob had a sense of “real” about him, a “freshness” that I appreciated.

Both of these men, however, love Bella enough to set aside their “natural” hatred of each other and bring their clans to work together in protecting her from the really evil vampire lady who tries to kills Bella as revenge on Edward for killing her mate in the first movie.

By the end of the third movie Bella has finally made up her mind and told Jacob it isn’t him.  <sigh>  Poor Edward, he’s going to have his hands full.  Nobody’s attitude and behaviors get better after marriage, only worse…

Of course I’m going to have to see the remaining movies, part 1 and part 2 of Breaking Dawn, where Edward and Bella get married and have a, well, I don’t know if it’s a baby but whatever it is they have it, Bella gets changed and (it looks like) they somehow stay friends with Jacob.

So those were the dynamics of the movie and my basic opinion of them but one of the biggest questions I walked away from these movies with is:  Is it healthy to love somebody so much that when they die you die too?  All of my life I would have answered that question with a resounding NO.  My mother would have said no, I should only love God that much.  But is that the right answer?  I don’t know anymore.  I certainly want to be loved like that – I think everybody does, men and women alike!  But very few people are loved that way and even fewer return that deep love to the person who loves them and so we yearn for it and make movies about it and write books about that kind of love, because we don’t have it…and we want it.

The movies were OK and even though I’m not going to rush out and buy them any time soon I have to say that they are not the raging evil that I have been told they were.

I have some more thinking to do but this is where I am at now, taking a long look at everything I’ve ever known and trying to re-evaluate it for truth, for what do I actually believe instead of what I was told I believe?  I am becoming a different person, hopefully that’s a good thing…